Mapquest competitors


I’m a student at the university, and for my master’s project I have to find companies that provide real time traffic data using OpenStreetMap as mapbase.
I know that there is Mapquest (using Nokia Here traffic database) but that’s it… can’t find any other companies.
If you have any ideas, it would help me a lot.

Thank you

Have a look at Android / iOS App “Scout” … also known as

there is an in-app-buy feature for traffic data, I assume … have not tried that on my own.

Can you limit your aim to a specific country or continent?

@stephan75 : Thank you very much for Scout !

I looked on the Internet to find more details about it and Scout is owned by Telenav. It’s actually running OSM and using TomTom traffic data, so that’s perfect !
(here is the link in case if someone is interested :

Well for now, I have been limiting myself to Canada and US.