Mapping using rideshare access tag

Hello everyone! My name is Bianca and I am part of the Bolt’s mapping team. I am interested in knowing your opinion regarding the tag “rideshare=yes/no/designated”. At this moment the tag was used only in US (rideshare | Keys | OpenStreetMap Taginfo) and it’s described here Proposal:Rideshare Access - OpenStreetMap Wiki. We see value on using this tag, especially for roads that prohibite general traffic and allows only ride-sharing cars to use it.
There is a special case like this at the Tallinn airport were lanes are designated for Bolt cars only and we would like to update the map accordingly using this tag. What’s your feedback regarding this? Would it be ok from your side to use it? I’m asking because is still as ‘proposal’ on the wiki page.
Thank you! Have a great weekend ahead!

The only problem I see that there is no way to say that only Bolt rideshare or Tallink taxi have access there. It cannot be used for routing as is if there are multiple competitors.

You could create a tag that lists the services that are allowed to use the roadway. Except for the fact that I have never seen a restriction based on brand in OSM. It would be ignored since anyone could try to monopolize placing the tag without verification.

Ignored by who? Everyone can vandalize map for their benefit, shops can delete their competitors or add incorrect information. This never was an issue to stop mapping something. I’d say that the probability of Bolt or other similar company to start intentionally misusing such tag is very low.

That is probably true.

Still seems strange to place access restrictions based a company. Especially since what happens if Bolt gets purchased by a larger competitor. Technically the way is only usable by a company that no longer exists. Hopefully they keep the tag updated to match any changes in the agreement with the airport.

Seems like the the tag should be about the fact that rideshare company needs permission to access the road itself. That way companies without an agreement know where the special roads are so they can be set to “off-limits”.

It is also likely to be changed in OSM as often. Companies can seamlessly update thier own software when thier agreement status changes.

Thank you so much for your replies. We looked into the option of creating a new tag only for Bolt, but we consider that it’s not the best practice for this cases. This type of agreements with airports or other local authorities are made privately and won’t include all companies that operate in a certain area. So, considering that it will be used globally, maybe the tag values “yes/designated” would be more appropriate and as IanH said

companies without an agreement know where the special roads are so they can be set to “off-limits”.