Mapping US address on OSM site

Has anyone figured out a way to map a US address on the main home page
I tried multiple formats like

550 E Remington Dr,Sunnyvale,ca,USA
550 E Remington Dr in 94087
550 E Remington Dr in Sunnyvale

None of these work.Does anyone know the syntax to search for a US address ?
Now I know that I can Punch in the address in and get the latitude/longitude but I want to accomplish this in one step on OSM’s website alone.Is this possible ?

would there have to be a point with a tag=value combo with the address in order to search it?

I don’t think it is necessary because the tigerdata has latitute/longitude info for all US addresses and I would assume that it is just a matter of looking up that info and putting a marker on that lat/long.
Essentially what Im asking for is something of an integration between and OSM.

I know this is probably the wrong place to ask this, but does anyone know what the numbers signify here. Tiger has added them to streets that have no name.

[]( … rs=B000FTF

is an example.

Would it hurt if I changed those numbers to match the address number on the street?

It looks like the editor mangled the URL, so I cannot see the street that you’re referring to.

Not sure I can answer your question but maybe you can. This one is correctly done and searchable.