Mapping rural schools

I have started to add rural schools to the map. Initially the schools are not easy to recognise, but hopefully this image will help you spot the visual clues.


Here is another marked up:


SchoolSearch and the EMIS Master List might be helpful.

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Yes, I have been thinking about the EMIS Master List, and recently ran a little experiment with ogr2ogr for converting the XLSX document to a GeoPackage.

Example download the National Ordinary Schools XLSX file and create file National-Ordinary-school.vrt as follows:

    <OGRVRTLayer name="Sheet2">
        <SrcDataSource>National- Ordinary school.xlsx</SrcDataSource>
        <GeometryField encoding="PointFromColumns" x="GIS_Long" y="GIS_Lat"/>

Then run (ogr2ogr is part of gdal):

ogr2ogr -f GPKG -skipfailures -mapFieldType All=string National-Ordinary-school.gpkg National-Ordinary-school.vrt

The output file National-Ordinary-school.gpkg can be opened in QGIS