Mapping road segments signed with Local Access/Traffic Only

Is there an established way to mark this on roads in more complex cases when the local access applies to a section of road which mapped as multiple ways on OSM (which can’t be combined due to conflicting tags or relations), or should this be left up to the router to figure out?

Hi unbeatable,
could you post a link to a road in question and maybe give more details to the situation?
Usually there are established ways, but it is hard to tell, as there are so many different situations on the ground.

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I would map the sign, and then use access tagging on the ways themselves that make up the segment with Local Access/Traffic only

Here is one Way: ‪Cedarbrook Lane‬ (‪35293481‬) | OpenStreetMap, it is signed as “Local traffic only” and there is a speed limit change about halfway down the road from 40 to 50, stopping it from being one single way. If it were all the same, I’d just merge all the road segments and tag it as motor_vehicle=destination.

If the way has two speed limits you can split the way at the point where the change happens. Each segment will then get the according maxspeed=*.
Then add motor_vehicle=destination* to both ways and you are fine.

*It may be vehicle=destination, if it also apllies to bicycles.