Mapping Poultry Houses

How should I map poultry houses? I.e. the building/barn containing the chickens. How should I map the area/landuse containing only multiple poultry houses?


Is there any animal=chicken or building=poultry tag recommended to use for the individual houses?

Best check here and search for “poultry”

There’s building=chicken_coop in line with other animals, but it remains unclear whether they are applicable to both individual and industrialized ones.

Ah, I suppose building=poultry_house sounds larger and covers other poultry than building=chicken_coop

Apparently there’s a general farmyard=poultry (or somehow crop=poultry, that records the kind of livestock in here), and something in the lines of farmyard=stockyards for its function; while farmyard=feedlot (or again somehow industrial=poultry_farm) would be for industrialized ones. The situation is similar to all sorts of value being mixed in industrial=*

Interestingly the most numerous value for livestock=* is livestock=fish

Farmers, fishers and miners provide the raw ‘materials’ to the industry where they are processed. So I guess that it is farmland.

(edit: at least something with farming, not industrial.)