Mapping parkings

Hi there, my first post on the forum.

I am looking for some extra information on how to map parkings. I have mapped a fair deal of parking areas with parking aisle service roads but am unsure if I am doing it right. Here are some parkings I mapped before:

Thank you all!

Edit: fixed last URL.

  1. & 3) I never add a node to the intersection of a way and an area of amenity=parking. I haven’t seen a QA tool that complains about this.
  2. Since the way is only represented by a line, which is placed in the middle of the road, the area should not touch the line. It should end where the parking lot ends. There are some ideas to map the width of the street and sidewalks with landuse=highway, but I haven’t heard anybody actually doing it.
  3. the parking spaces seems correct to me.
  4. I see no reason why you shouldn’t map the visible part. Put access=private on it. For public underground parkings, you could map the underground ways as well, but only if you know their exact position. Better leave it out than making a wild guess

Seems right to me.

Clearly no. See also the discussions about cilping landuses to highways. But you might want to add a short highway=service service=parking_aisle

I’m not sure what you mean. If the question is whether the highway=service should share nodes with the amenity=parking: It doesn’t matter. But imo shared nodes make editing harder sometimes. In any way the highway=path on the east should connect to the highway=service, because amenity=parking is not supposed to be routable.

Yes, but the access tag is incorrect. Likely access=customers would be right.

Likely yes, if possible. As escada said, the measurements shouldn’t be a complete guess. But you pasted the URL from the other question :wink:

From the road to the gate of the parking you mean so routing software can find a way from the road to the parking space? Fixed it:

I have to surrounding area tagged as access=customers, the highlighted parking space is a one car parking space for disabled customers like to the ones you find often near entrances of big shops. Is it tagged correctly like that or do I misunderstand the access tag and is the capacity:disabled sufficient?

Thanks, I fixed the link in my original post.

Tag “cicleway=lane” should be deleted in, as the cicleway is tagged as “highway=cicleway” in and

When you delete “cycleway=lane” on the main street, replace it with “bicycle=use_sidepath” to inform the routers that cyclists are normally not allowed on the main street, but should use the separate cycleway.

Yes, thank you for noticing. I am aware of that but still thinking how to fix it best. There is no separate cycle lane on that road (it looks more like this photo from the wiki so I should probably remove the “highway=cicleway” instead. Except for a few places where there is a separation as there are some bus stop platforms in between the road and the bicycle path. Work in progress. :wink: