Mapping mixed accommodation area

Still mapping after our recent trip & found this place: OpenStreetMap, which is currently tagged as a landuse=residential, but when you look at it’s website, it’s a lot more than that?

Short- & long-term units & a caravan park, so needs a better option than that, but what?

Hotel with a separate node for caravans perhaps?

Hostel doesn’t really fit, but apartments maybe?

There is also tourism apartments which would fit, maybe as a node within the caravan park, which you could also rename to Moura Accommodation Village.

Looking at the site only I think tourism=camp_site would fit well, tents, caravans and motorhomes are accommodated, the welcome image also hints that way.

The room accommodation could be mapped separately as tourism=chalet, tourism=apartment or tourism=guest_house depending on what it exactly is.

And there are “relocatable parks”, often starting life as a caravan park and possible cabins where shack like houses hold long term residents, who can own/buy/sell/build/upgrade any structures whilst leasing land/services from the park owner. There are also some quite stringent laws (in NSW) where a relocatable resident has to be “bought out at market value” or “pay for the structure to be moved to another park” if the landowner wants to change things. These would seem to be rented/leased residential environments rather than tourism related.