Mapping miscellaneous features

Hello, how do you map indoor features such as:

  1. A permanent information desk in the middle of a room of a museum?

  2. A permanent bar where patrons can sit at in a nightclub?

  3. Are the creation of pathways as indoor corridors discouraged? Is an indoor corridor as an area preferred? Should pathways be created joining a building’s entrances/doors with interior stairways and/or elevator entrances?

Thank you

  1. tourism=information
    information=office (?)

Thank you :slight_smile: But, this is not an office. It is a large, permanent desk in the middle of a large room. Similar to this:

I would like to map the physical desk.

Similarly, I would like to know how to map large permanent bookcases or display cases in museums? Like this:

It is “open-air” office. Office without walls :slight_smile:
It is just a place you can get information.