Mapping in the city Kuantan

While mapping in the city Kuantan Grab team came across so many ways classified as service+alley. We usually add alleyways for narrow service roads usually located between properties to provide access to backyards.

The way 557843134 which is running through a Cemetery, classified as service+alley instead of Service. Also way 539393850, way 561731282 classified as service+alley, which are in residential areas. We found these kinds of classifications across the city which basis the surrounding data seemed like they need to be residential roads.

Please suggest if the existing classification is fine as per country-specific policy? This would help us with modifying the data if needed. Below are some screenshots to help understand this better ?

Image 1: - way 539393850

Image 2: - way 557843134

You can find more information here:

Some responses here from the active community member (@AkuAnakTimur):

Based on the response and comments on the ticket, we understand that some of these are not alleys as there similar roads which are tagged as residential roads. If otherwise, could the community help in understanding this better? Thank you!