Mapping for Ramat Gan and Givataim (Thursday 29.03.2012)

Hi Israeli Openstreetmappers,

as you know there will be a new license activated on the 1. April. Meaning in 1,5 week.
Maybe we can follow the guidelines of the NightOfTheLivingMaps and do a kind of mapping evening to remap and add details to Ramat Gan and Givataim.
This link shows the amount of issues in this area :,wtfe_point_modified,wtfe_line_modified_cp,wtfe_line_modified,wtfe_point_created,wtfe_line_created_cp,wtfe_line_created

From the last NightOfTheLivingMaps we know that we could achieve this by around 3 - 4 mappers that could fix the license issues, adding buildings and maybe also adding housenumbers to the new buildings.

What do you think about the following date:
Thursday 29.03.2012

The following things could be archived in around 2 - 3 hours:

  • fixing of all license issues
  • adding buildings from bing
  • adding the housenumbers to the buildings

Please let me know who will attend.


Here is the editing cake.
You are welcome to start mapping / converting / editing ! :sunglasses:

I’ll try to prepare the Ramat-Gan pie at
I’m not sure I’ll attend at night, but somewhere at weekend I’ll attend.

Also, I propose to split areas by some main streets, but the streets themselves to leave to the end (or handle them at very beginning) to avoid conflicts.

I agree that we should have a cake for the mapping.
This is really helpfull. I saw there is also a plattform for chatting included.

But i hope we will be more that only us two.
We could of course do the mapping over several days. Or maybe we should schedule it for the weekend… depens how many people will attend.

Actually it’s a huge work, so it’s possible to start when you can…

I created pie for mostly problematic area of Ramat-Gan, the bigger area is - the less work to do here.

Cake link:
WMS link: wms: (if you manage to make this work in JOSM please explain)

I’ll try to go over all pie borders and change license, so all piece borders will no need editing.

Anybody else interesting in the mapping party on 29th?
@yrtimiD: What date would you prefer?
BTW: Nice cake :slight_smile:

I think I’ll start somewhere at Thursday in the late afternoon and, for sure, this will happen with pauses :slight_smile:

Also, I heard about OSM API downtime for relicensing. Does any body know when this will happen exactly? Maybe we’ll better hurry up!


I’m currently taking care of other license issues around Israel and keeping the CAKE in ramat gan untouched.

You are right about the license change:

It seems like there is nothing updated yet (3 days before license change).

As in near 3 days we going to fix a few license problems, let’s somewhere correlate our work to avoid conflicts?

I would test the life chatting and comment function of the “cake” website.
I did already add a comment to a cake slice.
Seems a easy to use way. It its not working we can still switch.

Works for me as easiest solution!
So, to all “license changers”, please add chat comment before you remap large areas.

I think it is working different.
You have to take a slice of the cake on your own name (take ownership) to change the status.
Of this slice. The tool is really great.

So the sentence should be: take ownership of a slice before changing.

I understand that our mapping party will beginn on 29th and end whenever we are finished(over several days).

No, the Ramat-Gan remapping process is understood, but I talked about all other small remapping which we making right now. We accidentally can choice to remap same area and create conflicts and duplicates on uploading.
For example, yesterday I remapped part of “Maale Adumim” and later saw that you also worked on it some hours before.