Mapping application for Android

Google has announced the second Android Developer Challange ( I want to start a project that allows full featured mapping with Android devices. That means:

  • photomapping (store location AND heading)
  • (videomapping?)
  • voicemapping
  • direct POI editor
  • other features?

Timeline is very short, so if there’s someone else interested to contribute please contact me.

I’ve already started something like this…

Adding the ability to take pics and record audio is on my todo list, AndNav2 does POIs too I think, but I haven’t really played with it, those guys have a OSM map API similar to the google map API as well.

That’s perfect. So can I help out with your app? I really would like to contribute some code. I’m also registered as a developer for osmdroid. The reason for me to start an app separate from AndNav2 was that this app get’s really blown up with all that mapping stuff.

I’ve noticed that andnav2 has a different database structure to the osmdroid code, I’ve also filed bugs but no one has replied, also one critical bug effecting AndNav2 displaying blank tiles.

Happy to supply patches if my efforts will be worth while doing, but not going to waste time on it otherwise.

I have not much time now… maybe some of my Scala! code can help you.

Android,Scala and Openstreetmap:

I am the developer of OpenSatNav for Android:

At the moment we are using the osmdroid code, so I would really appreciate those patches delta_foxtrot2 :smiley:

I haven’t really tried to send my fixes up to osmdroid but it doesn’t sound good. I might be worth starting a collaboration on the base OpenStreetMap code so both our programs can get better. Maybe at least we could store the tiles the same way so users don’t have to store 2 copies of the same maps.

I have bought an HTC Hero mobile phone based on Android. With the standard browser I am not able to scroll the OSM map on the main page. I am interested to hear from other people if they have the same experience. If so this might raise some questions with regard to the attitude of Google towards OSM. doesn’t work on the Android either, I wonder what that means :wink: