Mapping and rendering big to smaller to small geographic structures

Maybe this topic has been addressed already, but I have not seen examples on the map.

As an example: consider the mountain range Alps as level 0 set: an independent mountain range in Europe.
One of the subsets would be, for example, the Pennine Alpes, level 1
A subset of these would be the Mischabel Group, level 3, in which individual peaks as Dom, Taschhorn etc. can be identified, level 4.

Depending on the zoom level the map would render Alps - Pennine Alps - Mischabel - Dom

Mapping these as mutipolygon relations, with boundaries not mapped but the center with the name indicated in appropriate character size and text orientation and when zooming in the sub-level (one only) and individual peaks, with (major) names at level 3.

If I overlooked this topic, let alone the solution, please hint me to this.

What tagging schemes are you talking about?

The standard Mapnik scheme. And I think it is not only rendering issue but as well lack of input? As also on opentopomap these features are missing.

Compare it with traditional paper (school) atlasses.