Mapping and improving map data in Bangkok-Thailand

Objective: Grab team is going through the existing road geometries in the mentioned cities and will work on making improvements. We’ll be reviewing and mapping the following features: missing roads and unconnected roads.

Regions we are reviewing/mapping: Bangkok

Workflow: We’ll be following the same workflow as mentioned in our wiki - and

Validation: We’ll be following the validation guidelines mentioned in our wiki:

Changeset Comment: Mapping and improving road attributes:
Source: MAXAR – we would refer to others if need be.
All the edits will contain tag import=grabremote as agreed with the Thailand community team.

Filter: None

Plugins: None

Edge cases: None at the moment, we’ll post it as a subsequent comment if need be.

Team involved: The Grab Data team

OSM Forum Link:

Do reach out to us if you have any questions or suggestions on the same. Happy Mapping!

Have you meanwhile learned the difference between a “trunk_link” and a “residential”? :frowning:

Hello Bernhard,

Yes, as per the Thailand policy, if we will be adding minor roads that intersect dual carriageways of higher classes, that section will be classified as a link. Thank you for raising this to our attention, it has been integrated into our rules.