Mapping activity [Mapbox]

Hello from the Mapbox Team!

In August our team is going to start a permanent mapping project in France.
As part of on-going work to improve the quality of OpenStreetMap data, our team is planning to review a subset of the detections to better understand the type of issues, and also fix any valid data issues directly in the OSM.
We would really appreciate your feedback, any questions you have about this project, as well as local insights that you think will help us better understand the data.
There’s a link to our Github ticket to the related issue:
And link to our page in OSM Wiki:

Member of Mapbox team, Sonya


I am not sure that your method is a good idea.
You should discuss of that with the very active French community which have its owned great tools to detect the issues on the OSM map and much better satellite photos that yours.

To discuss :