Mapper MarcoWag

The mapper MacroWag did some fictional changes in germany (48291778, 48291666, 48291546) and if he did not answer to my changeset comment I will revert these three changesets.

He also made 15 changesets in italy.
I dont know whether the edits in italy are also fictional or Ok. Could someone check the changesets from MacroWag in italy?


Hi Andreas.

I took a look at chagesets you mentioned. They seem fine, but I can’t check on-site. Maybe some italian mapper around Saronno city could.
For instance, inside leisure park (way 469556728) MarcoWag mapped several paths that Bing doesn’t show; unfortunately, Bing tile capture date (2003-2015) doesn’t help.
HDYC service shows not being a heavy contributor, so there’s no much to check.

Thanks for your alert!