Mapnik tile server problem - strange results after applying changesets

We have setup a tile server and only want to server tiles for Belgium inside our own network because.

Importing belgium from the benelux export at is not problem after extracting only Belgium from it. Tile are rendered correctly, problems start however when we start applying changesets.

I’m not sure how to do this but everyting I can find suggests using the read-replication-interval option of osmosis to generate a changeset xml and then use osm2pgsl to apply it to the database. Now there is no option to filter changesets on a bounding box, the only option is to just apply them and hope for the best… It’s not such a big problem to cleanup the database every week by re-importing a new planet file.

Now this is our problem:

Question: How do we apply the minutly change sets to our pgsql database and let mapnik refresh and render the tiles? What is the best method to use to refresh the tiles?

We use this now:

Thx for any assistance!

Problem was solved by reinstalling using a newer version of Ubuntu! Still don’t know what the problem was exacly! :slight_smile: