mapnik renders highway "names" not correct in the boxes


I am fairly new to OSM and just try to generate tiles for osmand without using the OSM servers.

All goes well so far, but I have hit a dead end with a render error.
the highway names (or numbers, or ref, at they seem to be called in osm) are aligned to the highway, but the rectangles for them are not. If I edit osm.xml to “not rotate” the names, then they are still not quite correct.
Please see the image below:
mapnik render test

Mapnik was setup using the latest svn or git, as was the osm.xml. Generate_xml produces the same effect.

The osm2pgsql from the Ubuntu latest ppa was used, the data comes from Geofabrik.

What did I wrong?

I found the solution myself. There seems to be a problem in the current git version. Todays version doesn’t even build.

So just don’t use development version for a stable system…

The issue you’ve hit has already been fixed in git.

Stay with a released version for a stable system, unless you’re willing to keep an eye on the commits and are willing to test and report issues.