Mapnik Online tiles don't update even after two weeks


I have removed line in changeset This was 16 days ago.

But online map at still displays removed bridge as existent. Yes, I have tried to clean the browser cache, open the page in private mode and even in the other browser.

Is there any way to force tile re-rendering?

After clear cache on my computer this bridge is removed. You can force to regenerate tile if you find its url and enter it with suffix /dirty. In example your bridge on zoom 18 is located on tile with url:
  • you have to run this url:

to force rendering this tile on this zoom

It is not easy to find the tile you need (I’m using developer mode on browser for it) and it is a lot of work to render all tiles you need in few zoom levels.

Thank you, accessing a tile via /dirty URL fixes the problem!

I think that tile re-rendering should have been called automatically. Could it be a bug in a server software or mirror synchronization code?