Mapnik always renders direction of roads

Hi guys.
I’m using mapnik 2.2.0 + mod_tile + renderd + PostGIS for my tile server. I’m using OSMBright.xml style from here. I imported osm data with osm2pgsql from geofabric.
Everything works fine except it **always **draws direction arrows on the roads no matter if it’s one way or not, see screenshot (left is my server, right is

How do I get rid of those arrows on non-oneway roads? I grepped through XML and haven’t found any filters that would apply this arrow to ways unconditionally, they all have either “[oneway] = -1” or “[oneway] != 0” selectors.

I tried to ask in Mapnik mailing list but there is not much activity there.
Thank you!

The ways you marked with red circles are indeed tagged with oneway=yes …

You can test that via … zoom to that area and enter in the wizard box there: oneway=*


The red circles only show a couple of examples of the problem and are a bit of a distraction. If you look around the rest of the screenshot, you’ll see that every road has oneway arrows, even if the actual tagging doesn’t reflect this. For example, Kungsholms Strand beside the water isn’t tagged with oneway=*, but arrows are still rendered in demosito’s screenshot.

Exactly! Thank you and sorry for a misleading red circles.

Not able to add much here, I’m afraid, but the last time I set up “OSM Bright” I don’t remember seeing oneway arrows everywhere.

Looking at the link, it looks like you’d be better asking over at to see if the “OSM Bright” there has been modified in any way. It’d also be a lot easier to look at the source of the style rather than the “mapnik.xml”.

Looking at that seems to be 4 years old (which is comfortably before I’ve ever installed “OSM Bright”) so it may be there’s been a bug fixed in the last 4 years that fixes your problem. I am aware of other problems with “OSM Bright” (duplication of names is one), so if you’re not wedded to that style maybe try and use or modify a different one?