Maplint errors & why is it so quiet here?

Every time I try to do a bit more mapping I have loads of questions, but this little forum seems so quiet that there are not enough people to get much chance of an answer.

Where are all the other mappers?

Do they only use the email groups? I cant seem to get on with those because they just make all my other email unusabe because of the floods of mail.

My current question is about the maplint information. It looks usefull but the the writing is too small on the screen to see what it is saying & if I scale the screen up it is just fuzzy.

One of the roads I built from scratch (a section of the A325 near Bordon Hants) is now marked with Maplint errors although it was fine for ages before. I expect it has something to do with a tag that has grown on it that says:

history: “Retrieved from v12”

Any suggestions please?


Did it go a yellowy turquoise colour? I think that means “not in map features”. Take a look at the Maplint test key. “Not in Map Features” is just a notice. it doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a problem, and yes it’s probably caused by that history=Retrieved from v12 tag. Not sure why somebody (user called “Nick Austin” has added that. You could send him a message and ask him, but it’s not like he’s done something wrong particularly.

If you’re using JOSM you might find prefer the validator plugin, which does something similar to maplint

Yeah I’ve gave up reading the mailing list a long time ago. Unfortunately it is the busiest contact channel. I sometimes miss out on the big news flashes. Must remember to start hanging around on this forum more. See if we can make it more popular

I haven’t really contributed to the forum for a couple of months…I seemed to have got to the stage in mapping where the new problems have mostly stopped coming and are just reoccurring. The ones that remain are likely to never be resolved and temporary solutions work. Hence I stopped reading stuff and just map. I’ll make a point of checking here more though to help out others if I have a clue about what there asking, so go ahead and list your questions. If you list questions that can’t be found easily on the wiki beginners pages then it’s helpful for everyone else, and tells them what needs to be added.

For maplint red is the only one that you really need to listen to…it’s bad. If something doesn’t appear or do what you want then orange and yellow matter. Orange means it lacks tags, and yellow just means you’ve tagged it beyond the capability of tiles@home. Yellow really doesn’t matter at all basically. I’m not sure how recently that was updated but a lot of what glows yellow is in the suggested tagging scheme I have noticed in the past. Also maplint is based around tiles@home which is based on the proposed tagging scheme. Not keeping to this isn’t a crime, it’s just there to help you, if you can’t work out why things arn’t rendering on tiles@home as you want.

One thing about Maplint: Is shows all (most?) of the building=somethings as “not-in-map-features” errors. I think it shouldn’t.

Sorry, but I can’t see your problem regarding the forum being not responsive to your questions. I’ve checked your previous questions and they’ve all been answered to your satisfaction afaik. Only one did not, which was quite a difficult one regarding configuration problems of your Windows XP machine and you’ve solved it yourself in about 4 hours.

But you are right about the amount of active users on this forum. I would love to see more of the experienced mappers here helping newbies but it’s a chicken and egg problem I’m affraid.

Regarding to where ‘the other mappers are’, well they are mostly on the mailing lists or on the IRC channel.

Maybe the reason it’s quiet here is that Safari users like me don’t appear to be able to log in. :wink:

“history=retrieved from v12” means that someone has reverted to a previous version using Potlatch, maybe because they or someone else made a mistake when editing.

Maybe you account for the entire 1.6% :wink:

Firefox 18682 53.1 %
MS Internet Explorer 11615 33 %
Opera 2201 6.2 %
Mozilla 818 2.3 %
Safari 578 1.6 %
Konqueror 561 1.5 %

I can login with Safari…

“not in mapfeatures” is very unhelpfull in my opinion…

Hey everyone, I just did something terribly bad, and my map now shows multiple things with this tag in red… “history Retrieved from v2”
Are there any ideas on how to get rid of the things that were created on the map with this tag?

You can subscribe to osm-talk without receiving the email. Then you can post questions and read the responses or other threads through the web based archive.

Alternatively, I recommend subscribing to the list through a gmail account as it will group the messages into threads for you.