Mapinfo map of Kriva Palanka

Hello to you all,

Couple of years ago I have obtained a Mapinfo map of Kriva Palanka from undisclosed source. Right now, I am exploring possibilities to import that data into OSM but as I can see till now, it is quite a difficult task.
First of all I would like to ask here if it will be a problem of any kind to enter that data into OSM map of MK and second, has someone have experience in doing this.
Until now, I have succeeded to convert data from Mapinfo .tab to .mif, ESRI’s .shp and finally to .gpx but the problem I have is with coordinate system conversion. This exports are of no use because of the coordinates not exported correctly.

I can use some help here.



Здраво Горан,

I can understand that it can be tempting, but zou should not use data from undisclosed source as it is highly likely that data is copyrighted and as such it must not be used in OSM, unless you have explicit permission from the owner (which can’t remain undisclosed source in that case) for use in OSM. You also can not use data (even by looking) from copyrighted maps or Google. It has to be your data (i.e. GPS traces, pictures, local knowledge), copyright expired (i.e. very old maps and rarely useful) or public domain data.

For most of us that means more ground work (collecting GPS traces, notes with street names, etc…) than editing but that is only way to ensure data will be copyright free and OSM will remain free to use (governed by its license). You really should start by reading the OSM FAQ ([[/url}).

If your data can be used for OSM we could try to help but keep in mind that we have little GIS knowledge. Mostly we gather GPS data (in WGS84 datum) and put it on the map or use Yahoo imagery, where available, which is explicitly allowed for tracing over.

Иван]([/url}). )

Здраво Иванк,

I am aware of OSM guidelines regarding copyrights and in any case would not like to enter that kind of data. I have this data and I find it technically challenging to convert to some format which can be used for OSM. If I find some way for this, then I could try officially to get the data for the project in written.
For the time being I will continue to enter GPS tracks and to trace them as much as I can :slight_smile:

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