Mapillary pictures, displayed on site in OSM 3D?

Yesterday, after a long time, I used Mapillary again and got a bit of a Google Streetview feeling.
What do you think about this:
To see the Mapillary pictures in a 3D rendering of OSM?
At the place and angle they have been shot.

May be I will include this function in if there is public interest.

I assume, there is an API to get streams of picture positions and the pics.
Hey Mapillary team, are you listening and would like to help?

Interesting. I’d try that feature.

Mapillary did not contact me, but the API was easy to find and to handle. Now Images of Mapillary can viewed in OSMgo. Preliminary description:

Press P for picture and soon you will see that Mapillary image, located closest to your actual position. Near to a point 50 m ahead of you to be exact.
Your view angle will change and direct to the image now (not slowly rotating yet).
The image will be displayed at the place it was shot. It may head to the direction it was shot from.
If no valid value is given, the angle will be the angle you are looking at. So you may rotate it by “looking” in the correct direction and press P again.
The data of the picture are shown in the app-left display.

Often, the Mapillary value CA (camera angle) is not correct. If all angles of an upload do have the same angle (I have seen 0 or 359), Mapillary should set all to -1 (invalide). Or a probable direction can be calculated by the position of the previous/next pictures position of the sequence.

The handling is not as intuitive as I would like it. How would you expect it?
I don’t like if an image, just behind me appears and I get turned around.
A click on the data or the image should open the Mapillary page.
Somehow it should be possible to shift to the next or previous image of the sequence.

Do you see the Tardis twice?:
Mapillary image in OSMgo