Mapillary - crowdsourced street photos

I got an email from the good folks of Mapillary,
looks interesting to me. So I upload a little street video I did
a while ago nearby I-city, Shah Alam.

Take a look and share your comments:

Currently there’s only a few street photos of Malaysia in Mapillary - one of it is from
the legendary Bro nyem :slight_smile:

Just recently viewed your Mapillary photo stream. By the way, how did you record the video? Are you using a dashcam to do so?

You can use your phone/tab, provided you have some way to mount it on the dashboad or bike/motorbike handle. Need to make it really secure (choose the correct and sturdy phone holder), or else you’ll probably be adjusting it all the time to ensure the camera is pointing in the right direction.

Use the mapillary app to record for minimal fuss operation. I used voyager (something something) and tried to upload to mapillary, but only 10% of the photos are recognized. The photos need proper gps tagging format in the exif for mapillary server to recognize them correctly.

Fully aware of the app with the devices that one can use to capture images. But his/her images looked like it was recorded with a dashcam (note the timestamps). Intrigued to know more.

What’s that? A device like a GoPro?

Mapillary, on the other hand, is an awesome service. One can ask someone else to record photos in the same time, but he/she can do all the dirty job putting data into OSM. However, since I do not have bottomless Internet usage quota, I used OpenCamera instead. I load them in JOSM and happily adding data into OSM.

You can probably record with anything, provided that the critical gps tags can be inserted into the exif file. Can be done post capture using some script (available on the internet).
If you have a gpsless camera that can record at interval (time lapse) you could probably do it too, as long another device is logging the gpx. ( I used massgeotagger to tag photos to use in josm, probably will work for mapillary too)

Voyager is an app, also capable of printing time stamp / coord on the pic itself. But the jpegs seems to miss the gps tags that I mentioned. Don’t know about later versions though.

yes…i use a cheap dashcam to record (RM60++ made in china…)
and use garmin handheld to record the gpx.

Since we are talking about Mapillary, I just happened to open the iD editor and found out that there’s quite a number of Mapillary photo streams right now in the peninsular Malaysia. I’m not sure why they are not shown on Mapillary’s site (on its own provided map), but you could discover many of them in the iD editor only (perhaps my browser is having some issues? Don’t know). Strangely, you can open them in Mapillary (to enlarge the photos) - but I am not able to browse the rest of photo stream in Mapillary’s site.

I have found a photo stream in the KL - Karak Expressway / East Coast Expressway (E8) - from Kuantan to the intersection between both expressways - some could spend some time to map e.g. emergency phones along the eastbound route, and so many little details as well. There’s also another photo stream, an ascent to Genting Highlands.