Maperitive Paper, ruleset designed for printed maps

Some time ago I came to conclusion I could use a printed map to make some notes while surveying. However I realized there is no truly printer-friendly OSM render available (or at least I couldn’t find any; no Toner by Stamen is not printer-friendly, at least not in the areas with large water areas).

So I decided to make one for Maperitive (which seems to be currently the easiest way to render tiles at home). And came up with this:
Still requires a few additional tags and some polishing (curse you, addr:housenumber in densely built-up areas!), but I guess it’s already in good enough shape to show this publicly.

Here’s how it looks like at Z=13, Z=14, Z=15 and Z=16

And some highlights at Z=16 — ford:

most types of gates:




LTR: natural/man_made=peak, mountain_pass=yes and natural=cave_entrance:

power=substation/generator/plant, power=tower and power=line:


Note: this style utilizes some Unicode characters to draw icon (currently — cave: ⋒, ford: ≉, power=substation/generator/plant: :zap:, barrier=lift_gate: ⌐, other types of gates: ≠), because I find this approach way more flexible than images. By default style uses the DejaVuSans font, you have to make sure you have it available in your system. It’s free (as in speech), so no worries (and most Linux users probably already have it). You can of course use other font, however make sure it supports given characters (not all fonts do).

Hope someone finds this useful. Any feedback is most appreciated.


over a year ago, I created another Maperitive printer-friendly style for mapping house numbers – Cadaster style. See more information about it at OSM Wiki and Github.

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thanks, I’ll take a look at your style. Some things look interesting.