Mapbox Improvements roads in Indonesia

Hello! my name is Julia, I work in Mapbox Data team. My team is interested in doing some work on the road network in India on OpenStreetMap, things like adding missing roads, making sure roads connect properly, fixing incorrect alignments, fixing spam and incorrect name, ensuring road classifications are consistent, and other similar issues.
We welcome feedback from local mappers as local knowledge always prevails. If you have any questions about a specific edit done by the Mapbox team or want to suggest some improvements in the editing process, you can contact here, email:,
post a comment in a changeset or post a comment on GitHub project.

We have a Github page here about the project:

And more about us:

Have a nice day everyone! Feel free to ask any question.


Does your team use specific changeset hashtags while editing in Indonesia?

Hi! This activity will use the hashtag #mapbox_roads, but the countries in which we will make edits under this hashtag will be Indonesia & India

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When will the mapping begin? I checked the hashtag on OSMCha, but there are still no results.

Hi! Yes really we have not started this project yet, because according to the community rules it is necessary to notify no later than two weeks before the activity is started. So our work will only start next week.

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I saw your edits with that hashtag @mirikaaa Thanks for improving OSM data in Indonesia and keep in touch with us.

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Hello @mirikaaa

This is not a spam name.


Yes, “aa” sounds odd for a road name. But, it’s an actual road name, used by the neighborhood (there are also cc,dd,pp,oo,yy,zz etc).


Hi! Thanks for writing, I’ve reverted the changes. Now I will know that such names are possible. Thank you!