Mapbox Imagery Layer in Potlatch

Has this been removed?

I’ve been making extensive use of it over the last month or two. It never seemed to work before then, and it’s empty again.

Shame :frowning:

Hmm, I thought that too (for Thailand)
Seems like the imagery layers have been edited and at first I thought Mapbox had gone, but today, am still finding it appears at least in Eastern Thailand.
Maybe its a slow comeback :slight_smile:

Mapbox changed the URL so it wasn’t working for a while.

I’ve since updated P2 so that it uses the central “editor imagery index” (as used by iD and others), so it should be back now.

Hello Richard,
In the Netherlands we have new aerial imagery data, 25 cm RGB, open data, from Nationaal Georegister that is a much better and more recent background for use in the Potlatch 2 OSM editor. I can add an url from Nationaal Georegister to the avalable backgrounds list using Edit and that works perfectly. Potlatch 2 however does not remember this link, so you have to re-enter it everytime. By the way, the ID-editor does remember the link.

Is there an option to let Potlatch 2 remember links to new backgrounds that are added by a user?
Or is there an option to add nationaal Georegister to the central “editor imagery index” so it is visible permanently in the list?

Thank you very much and I hope that this message reaches you.
Pim (BikePC)