Map won't display

Modified my original question. Some Garmin gmapsupp.img files won’t display on my Garmin Legend HCx. I downloaded the maps within the last day. Is there a problem with some of the maps on the website?
Spain & UK maps work fine
Beligum & France do not

Are you able to display the maps in Basecamp?
Does Javawa report a problem?
Do the maps come from


To make sure I did a controlled experiment I first loaded the UK (known good map) on to the SD card, powered up and connected to Basecamp. Basecamp loaded the UK map in a matter of seconds and successfully displayed within Basecamp. Again the UK map successfully works on the Garmin Legend HCx. The UK map is 551meg.

Next I loaded the Belgium map onto the SD card (does not display on the Garmin Legend HCx). Basecamp took many minutes to transfer the file from the Garmin and eventually did successfully display. The Belgium map is 199meg.

Appears there is some subtle issue with the Belgium file the Garmin Legend could not resolve but Basecamp running on a PC could.

You probably are aware of this but to be sure… I think you generally only have one gmapsupp.img on the Garmin Legend HCx
So try with just the one gmapsupp.img at a time.
And I assume Javawa presented no problems.
Other than that, I cannot offer further help.

I’d back this up. You need to merge your gmapsupp files for UK, BE etc before transferring to the Garmin. I use a Legend HCx.

For clarity and wrapping up:

To: SK53 & nevw
I was never trying multiple map files on the Legend HCx. The problem statement is some OSM maps work and some OSM maps don’t work on my HCx. SK53- If you’re interested, download the Belgium map (it’s only a 299meg file) and see if you can display streets in Brussels on your HCx - I can’t. But if I install the UK map, it work’s great. If I delete the UK map off the HCx and install the Spain map it also works great. The individual map files for France & Beligum don’t work (installed and tested one at a time - only one gmapsupp.img file on the SD card installed in the HCx for each separate test).

To: nevw
I also tried Javawa in addition to Basecamp. Javawa did successfully read the Belgium map off the SD card through the HCx connected to the USB port. I think the Basecamp & Javawa tests are interesting sanity checks, but in that mode of operation the HCx appears to be simply acting like a USB card reader for the SD card. Basecamp & Javawa don’t appear to have the capability to tell whether the Garmin device itself can understand the map file. Having said the above, Basecamp seemed to struggle mightily reading the troublesome Belgium file, but eventually did successfully display the map.

nevw & SK53
Thanks & Regards for taking an interest in the post and taking the time to respond.

I have to admit that it is some time ago that I last tried to download a Belgian map from, but I never had problems with it on a Dakota 10.
Nowadays I always download a map in “leisure” style from