Map with relief/terrain?


As a cyclist, relief is an important parameter when choosing a route to go from A to B.

I was wondering if there were an OSM-based map that displays relief/terrain like this:,4.2300785944091785,50.893845512661734,4.458731548510741/?Name=Bruxelles

Thank you.

Maybe not exactly what you want, but the

map has beautiful relief rendering like few others.

Your example shows the “relief” map.
Just click the dropdown and choose “4UMap”, then it shows the openstreetmap.
Despite the google-logo in the corner, that’s wrong.

Thanks for the tip.

I’m actually looking for the same type of map but with a router, so I can see what the terrain looks like after it offers a route.

I find the map from much more telling than eg. or OpenTopoMap.

Maybe you do, but most people dont: false colour maps like these regularly appear in annual listings of awful maps. Also using the same range of colours for somewhere as flat as Belgium and for Switzerland gives a very odd impression. is built & designed by an experienced cartographer which results in a clear uncluttered style which works across Europe & North America. It includes a router and viewable elevation profiles of routes. I know which I prefer.

Graphhopper gives you a neat altitude profile when you plan a trip.

Locus Map Pro on Android, with offline OSM vector maps, has a coloured-altitude option like your example above. Also colored-by-gradient (for skiers etc.), and just plain old slope shading. I prefer the latter. :sunglasses:

Thanks for the tip.

Maybe the author of will add a router one of these days.