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Hi have uploaded a few tracks but would not feel capable of editing the maps, i just wondered how long it takes for traces to be acted upon as i am in Khonkaen and golng north on klang Mueang Road at the junction with Lao Nadi Road the road is shown on the map but you are redirected on to a number of narrow soi’s instead of keeping on the main road

GPS traces should be visible very shortly after you upload them. However, they will not automatically become highways. That must be done by using one of the editors, either Potlatch2 or iD, both of which run inside a browser or JOSM, a standalone editor. Mappers can use your uploaded traces to help align the Bing imagery so it better represents the actual layout of roads on the ground.

You can also create a highway from a GPS trace inside Potlatch2 IIRC but it typically would need some editing to remove “nests” of redundant points and to align it with Bing imagery. That’s because GPS traces are not super accurate and may be off by several meters. I haven’t done that for a while because I use JOSM for all my editing but someone else on this list may be able to help with Potlatch2 or the iD Editor should you decide you want to do the mapping yourself.

Hope this helps,
Chiang Mai

While Dave has answered one part of your question quite accurately, I note you are also concerning why you have been routed down smaller some, rather than the main hwy you expected.
This could be due to a number of reasons which may include errors in the base map, typically roads that have not been correctly"joined".
But also it can happen for other reasons that are not so apparent and due to the way routing engines work.
We can check the first problem for you, but routing engines are beyond most of us. Of course it may just be your GPS is set to route “shortest distance”, which would easily explain your problem.

Hi KK,
I have just taken another look at the problem on the computer, and the answer is clear…
If you look at the area…
You can quite clearly see that OSM has Klang Mueang Road, North of the junction with Lao Nadi Road, marked as ONE-WAY (North to south direction)
This would indeed, force you down smaller Streets if you were heading North.
If the one-way system has changed since the info was inputted, and I know Khon Kaen was done a very long time ago, it should be corrected.
If you can do this yourself, please do, and do as many streets as you can in the area. If not, then perhaps you could print off a section of the map, draw the new directions (one way or two way), scan and send to me, and I will change.
Rgds, Russ.

Hi Russ Klang Mueang road is two way all the way from the ring road to the south of the city at least as far as prachasamoson road, not sure after that as have not been over the junction with prachasamoson road.
also where Klang Mueang road intersects with Lao Nadi Road if you are going from Mittraphap road when you reach Na Meuang road you are again diverted off to various soi’s instead of carrying on to Klang Mueang road but Lao Nadi Road is two way from Mittraphap road through to Rop Bung Road, if this is enough information for you let me know and if it is not i will try and print off a map and put directions on for you

Hi Russ sorry to bother you again, have just edited the one way system, tried ID first and when i couldnt work out how to change from one way to two way usedPotlach 2 which i think has worked but when i saved the changes the box came up to notify roads altered i had only put one road down as changed and pressed enter expecting to go down a line but it saved the changes so if any one needs the changes here they are.

,Kasikorn Samran Road,

Klang Mueang Road from the junction with Kasikorn Samran Road to the Junction with Lao Nadi Road

Na Mueang Road from the junction with Kasikorn Samran Road to the Junction with Lao Nadi Road

Lao Nadi Road from the junction with Na Mueang Road to the Junction with Klang Mueang Road

are all now shown as two way

It seems like the changes you made are all fine - I no longer see any one way roads in that area.
I would have simply deleted the oneway=yes tag, than to say oneway=no
but either method produces the same result, and some would argue you have made things clearer.

And while the OSM has never restricted what you say in a tag, it would be better to follow protocol and say source=local_knowledge than to write free text here.

Most of us in Thailand are using the note=* or description=* tags for entering free text to clarify anything.

Maybe a Im being a little pedantic above, and thanks for your help - I’ll be in Khon kaen on the 12th so will try to do some local routing and see if it comes up with any surprises. Cheers.