Map Tiles not loading - What causes maps to load / not load properly?

While using Leica Infinity, OSM products load in a “tiled” fashion. Depending on Zoom level, they will not load at all…

Any help appreciated…

Which “OSM products” are you loading? Is this OSM data that has been processed somehow, shapefiles or something like map tiles (and if so from where)?

As with any commercial software, consider contacting your vendor (Leica Geosystems AG?) support team for further assistance.

Does this happen only when you are viewing at high zoom levels and scroll/slide the map?

I’ve seen this behaviour on a mobile app in such conditions. The tile server creates tiles to a maximum zoom level; the app supports higher zoom levels by magnifying those max-zoom tiles. Which is great for fine detail on a small phone screen. Until you slide the map, then the app doesn’t have the logic to know what to do (fetch the appropriate tile at max zoom, scale and clip to fit the gap). So I have to manually do what the app ought to: zoom out until the app can get a max-zoom tile then zoom in again. I’m told the libraries the app uses are partially to blame.

Or you could have an entirely different problem.