Map Styles

I have a WordPress Google Map plugin that I’m thinking of converting to OSM, mainly because the track information presented on the map is ridiculously detailed! has the trail as well as boardwalks, public toilets, picnic tables and lookouts.

The downside for me, is the map is a little plain. Terrain, topo lines etc that I have seen in other styles on for example, would be good. The issue is, the example maps don’t have these extra track details when I zoom in (picnic tables, boardwalks etc.)

I’m new to OSM, so perhaps these can be integrated into the styles? Can anyone offer any advice?

The answer is almost certainly yes - I’m not familiar with but their site includes a “you can edit them” page: .

It’s worth mentioning though that is only one of many providers - the maps you see on are generated by a different technology, and many, many different styles are available - either self-hosted or hosted by someone else (usually for a fee if you’re making lots of requests).

What does your existing Google Maps plugin do, and where in the world are you interested in displaying maps for?

There are a lot of links here . Many options use Leaflet as a Javascript library; and if you want to create your own tiles using the same technology as used at have a look at .