Map Server not available

since some days we get a white map in our application.
The map server sends an 404 error.
The requested URL /bw-mapnik/12/2127/1375.png was not found on this server.

What´s the problem? What can we do?


Looks like the tiles moved from bw-mapnik to osm:


I have the same problem and I was wondering… Since you say that they moved the tiles to and that doesn’t seem to be in black and white (which I need for a client), is there a way to change the colors?

Or is there any other black and white map available?

Thanks in advance for the help ^^

Have a try Field papers, it is a web-based mapping tool managed by Stamen Design. It allows users to create a map from anywhere in the world (using data from OpenStreetMap), print it out, and mark it up with their own notes. Later, the updated map can be photographed, uploaded back to the Field Papers website, and merged with the original atlas. You only need a computer, printer, digital camera and pen or pencil to capture and share the latest geospatial data with millions of other users around the world. Detail guide please read: