Map Road Segments - Splitting, selecting multiple, wide zoom editing

Trying to add speed limit data and having a few productivity issues:

Segment Splitting:
-For a given highway, there are reduced speed limit zones approaching an intersection/town etc. How do I split that OSM segment at the speed limit sign to reflect a speed limit reduction. IE sometimes one single segment goes for miles.

Multiple Segment Selecting:
-In the same breath, some segments are split far too often. Is there a way to select 2 end points and have all segments in between automatically selected, so I can update 1 limit instead of having to select 10’s or 100’s of segments and inputting them separately?

Wide Zoom Editing:
-Similar to above. Map only lets me edit at like 2 mile zoom view. I’m trying to edit a 300 mile hwy with one constant speed limit and a few reduction zones. It’s absurd to scroll mile by mile to edit this. Is there a way to select 2 endpoints and multi-select all segments between to edit them at the same time?

Let me know if you have found any tricks and/or if these features can be built in. Thanks

First: which editor do you use?
Please note that there are several options.

Just realizing this, thanks Hjart, sorry for the rookie questions. I think I was using Open Street Editor. Some online thing. Got going on Potlatch2 and it’s working much better for CTRL selecting. Still zoom restricted for highways though which is kind of frustrating. Maybe JOSM?

Indeed, JOSM allows all of this. Unlike “Open Street Editor” which is probably iD and Potlatch2 that work in your browser, JOSM is a java program that you have to install on your computer.

Thanks for the help on this. Starting to get the hang of it now.