Map quality optimizing

Namaste dear Friends,

we have after disaster mapping a lot of bugs they should be removed step by step. Also othetr topics should be disputed

  1. DCRN : is it official description of streets in Nepal? If not, the description „ref=DCRN" should be removed.

  2. „class=A“ on roads. What is it???

  3. There are a lot of buildings with personal information visible for everybody like:
    Name of the owner, age of the owner, how many persons are living there, how many animals….
    Do you have na project about this?
    In general are such data, even if very hepful for some purposes, against the principles of OSM and should be better in an external database.

  4. There are a lot of tagging in use without documentation. Could you add the description in Nepal Wiki page?

  5. Newbies makes often a lot of bugs. Is there an mechanism of controlling of new mapper for supporting them? If not, this would be very helpful for keeping the quality of the map.

  6. The huge differences in building positioning in Kathmandu should be an separate project. I really suggest to make - an tile map in HOTOSM and ask the community for cooperation…

Regarding point 3, I would suggest an other tagging for property of buildings. Instead of name=marek´s house, property=marek´s house.

Imagine, everybody in Kathmandu would do it with own house: The existing rendering would make the map very difficult to read and recognize.

Dedicated solutions, like e.g. Android apps could allow such search. This would be hidden for normal users of OSM but dedicated, for instance emergency cars, like doctors, police, firework department, could very fast find an adress.