Map of the Alps ??

Hello all together,

first of all a huge compliment to your website. Fantastic idea!!! Well done. It works well on my Edge705. I love to work on the OSM after I have taken bikerides. Mapping is a lot of fun.

Do you think it is possible to offer a map from the Alps specifically in the scroll down menu of Europe. I think a lot of Garmin users would appreciate that quick service.

Thank you very much.


Thanks for the compliments! But I wonder, what’s wrong with selecting Switzerland or Austria? Do you really need that entire area for a single bike-trip?

To make my standpoint clear: I’m not enthusiastic about making all sorts of custom polygons for specialty uses. I really don’t have the time for that and it would open the floodgates for many more similar requests. Besides, there already is the custom tile-selection option.

Sorry for asking. I understand your point - well taken.
Just to explain:
like myself, a lot of Cyclists go across the Alps during Summer vacation. Many trips start in Germany, go thru Austria, Switzerland and end in Italy (e.g. Lake Garda). Normally one week and 600-770kms.
It would be practical to not have to download all 4 countries and not to have to wait 4 days for the tile selection - your website is in high demand.

As I said I enjoy your service.
All the best.

There exists a map of the Alps for the Garmin devices. You can find it on
It is not mainly dedicated for cycling but for horseback riding and hiking.
Maybe this Garmin map can fullfill your requirements.

If you want a map of the alps for cylcing, you could take either my or for mtbiking/hiking the maps. ?

Despite the objections to this suggestion, I’d have to agree with Skubiduhh! I think more people would get use of this map than you’d think! :wink: gives another option.


If you want to contribute to better maps of the Alps, why not joining a very long mapping party (80 days!) in Summer 2012 in the Alps?
Maybe just for a few days :wink:
Have a look here:

Great thing! I hope I can manage to join you for a weekend at least.