Map issue in Germany

Hi! We are going to make some edits in OSM in Germany soon. More information here

Hi vladaboitik, thanks for reaching out! Could you give us a rough idea which scale of organized editing activity are we can expect from this?

The issue you linked to doesn’t provide most of the information requested in the OSM Foundation’s Organized Editing Guidelines, which isn’t a big problem for me if it’s going to be just a few edits, but I would hope for more through documentation if it’s going to be a larger-scale effort.

A post in the german subforum would find much more readers!

By all means, please do inform the German subforum! When you do, please specify just how you expect to fix the iasues found. Mechanically? Even algorithmically? Or through survey? (You mention “drivers’ feedback”)
Expect a more vivid discussion there and here :slight_smile:

Hi, Tordanik! Thank you for your question. Our plan is to review a sub-set of the osmlint-osmium and osmlint detections to better understand the type of issues, and apply a fix for valid data issues. We have also updated our ticket accordingly. Please let us know if you have additional questions.

Thank you smootheFiets. Looking forward to discussing additional questions.