Map is not displayed within Navit

Hi all,

well I’ve installed Navit on my Android Motorola Defy which is mentioned as working well on the Navit developers website.
Following the instructions on the Navit website and OpenStreetMap I’ve copied a .bin file (Map of Malta) to the sdcard/navit folder.

However the map doesn’t shows up although navit is running?

I read a lot about the navit.xml, however one needs to root the mobile which I didn’t and don’t want.

Is there another way to get and manipulate this file?

I opened the apk with Netbeans but there is no such xml file?

Does anybody has a hint what I’m doing wrong or how to go ahead to troubleshoot the issue please?

Thanks in advance,

You have to be aware that the map file on your SD card in the foder navit needs to be named “navitmap.bin”

Try to rename your map file to that, and dell us about success or failure.

Hi stephan75,

first of all thanks for the quick reply.

Well, my bad, I forgot to mention that I renamed it to “navitmap.bin”, however without success.

Kind regards,

Are you able at least to do the built-in search for places and streets of malta?

Hi stephan75,

well navit runs but I see just a white display with the home and map icon in the header and three grey boxes in the corners which link to the menu of navit.
So there is basically nothing to use. However what do you mean by “built-in search” in this context?

Yesterday I tried both apk’s available from the developers website but they behave the same.

All instructions how to install and set up Navit I could find within the Internet explain the same way and I followed them detailed.
However all of them refer to the navit.xml which I can’t find nowhere.

So far it this even a bit confussing since, as I understood it, one just have to save the navitmap.bin within sdcard/navit and it should work.

When you have your “empty” map view, tap on the screen. Then an menu with 4 icons should appear. Choose the first one that looks like a joystick called “Actions” (?)(I have German menu items here).

Then choose the forth icon that looks like the silhouette of a town on a map where a river is going through, maybe called places in English. A virtual keyboard should appear where you can enter a city’s name, afterwards a street name.

You can also try the latest development version to use on Windows or Linux to get familiar with Navit itself.

about navit.xml … As far as I remember there are some topics tha you can modify that file only with root access on your android device. Try googling at Yahoo what Bing is about that!

Hi stephan75,

thanks for you feedback and patient support.
Well the menu I have and I can even enter location information but nothing pops up.
Anyway, I’ve opened a thread with Navit as well and in the evening I’ll try to install the version from the market since this is the recommended way as
I could see on the navit website.

I’ll keep you informed so other people might gain something either.