Map icons etc

I would like to know if there is a list of used symbols to OSM? When you look at a map you can choose to see map keys to help for reading the map correctly, but this list does not contain all symbols used on the map, it only seems to cover paths and use of surface (city, trees…). There must be a full list somewhere?

There are some icons collected on

but I don’t know how complete or recent.

Old question on

A couple of other links…

The “standard” style does get lots of updates, and the legend info on gets considerably fewer. I raised about this a while back - it’s possible that more info will get added to this as things develop. is I think an attempt to (eventually) auto-document the standard style (or other similar styles), but I don’t think that it’s there yet.

For the “standard” style, is probably your best hope right now. It’s manually maintained, but it’s in the wiki, so anyone can in theory update it when the stylesheet changes.

Thanks a lot - for the explanation to, very helpful!