Map icon and search.

Morning all , I’m totally a beginner so please tolerate.
Q. On OSM standard I’ve seen some carparks are indicated with a unhitched caravan icon. Can I search an area using this identifier. If so how do I go about it ?
Hope this quetion is not out of context with the forum or owt like that !

Do you mean like here: If so, that’s a caravan site.

The general way to find out what something is is to zoom in, click on the “?” icon at the right-hand side of the map, then click on the feature (or the edge of the feature) that you’re interested in. When you do this a list of features appears at the left. Hover the mouse over each to see what gets highlighted, then click on one for more info. In this case you get, and you can click on “caravan_site” at the left to go to the OpenStreetMap wiki article about it - in this case

Thankyou SomeoneElse , perfect ! So is a way possible whereby I can search for these locations within a region. For example Derbyshire. ( I happen to be on the road in Germany at the mo’ , but guessing it’ll be the same.)

Another great tool to find out what is on the map is openpoimap.

Here you see your question:

Be sure to read the wiki.

You can use and “Overpass turbo” to search for things in an area.

From you can see the tag “tourism=caravan_site”. Typing that into Taginfo’s sarch box gives Click on “caravan_site” and then “OverPass Turbo”. Move the map at the right where you’re interested in searching and click “run” - the things found will be shown at the right and you can click on them.

If you want to save a query click “share” and you get something like