Map for hiking by using osmosis and mkgmap

Dear All,

I kindly ask you for some help.
I use Garmin Etrex 10 with less memory and like to create a new map for it.
This map should show no streets etc but only hiking and footways.
In the past I created a map following this howto

Now I like to use osmosis for extracting the hiking paths, to reduce the filesize and enlarge the area of the map.
I downloaded

and try osmosis with this arguments:

osmosis --read-xml arnsberg-regbez-latest.osm.bz2 --tf accept-ways highway=hiking foot path --write-xml hiking.osm

osmosis --read-xml arnsberg-regbez-latest.osm.bz2 --way-key-value keyValueList=“railway.tram,railway.tram_stop” --write-xml hiking.osm

to see if it works, but I have no success.

My questions:

Are the hiking ways which I see on included in arnsberg-regbez-latest.osm.bz2 ?
Is it possible to extract this ways as explained ?

Thank you very much for your interest and for your answers.

Kind regards


I have no experience in osmosis, but some experience in mkgmap. so may I give you the following hint:

You may achive also smaller maps, if you edit the style file used. If you unzip and open mystile10 you will find several files, as example lines, points and options. You can open this files and edit this files in an editor (I use WordPad). If you want to have no points at all, delete the file named “points”. Important for you is the file “lines”. Al lines in this file starting with a # are comments only and are “deleted” for the renderer. So you may try yourself to delete all lines you dont want to have in your map. An example: If you set a # in front of “highway=motorway [0x07 resolution 16]”, your map will show no motorways.

To test how this works, try the following: replace the “lines” file with a “lines” file containing only the text:
highway=track | highway=footway| highway=path [0x0a resolution 22]
zip the files together to and render the map with mkgmap.
Another possibility is to make smaller maps is to delete a level in the “options” file.
To learn the details of the styles, see

Hi opasto,

thank you very much for your hint.
It’s working perfectly and I can see the hiking path.
The filesize is ok now !

I’ll check the style-manual to try to get the names of the hikingpaths as well.

Kind regards