Map for Garmin Montana 610T handheld

I have a Garmin Montana 610T.

Which is the correct type of map to download to navigate me when I’m doing street walking in a large city?

Thank you.

Hi ASF41,

What kind of map are you looking for ?

Did you use a searcher with this question ‘Garmin maps & open street map’ ? a possibility

And take your pick, despite the area your living in. I cant see any activity from your hand in/for OSM.


Plenty of choices for using a Garmin suitable OSM.
Try a few until you find what suits you best as some are designed for vehicles, others for bikes or hiking, etc.

I expect the Garmin Openfietsmap Lite or Garmin Leisure types from would suit city walking but your preference may differ.

All these use the OpenStreetMap data

I often use one of the varieties from the site Hendrikklaas listed or choose one from

If you have a problem try using to assist finding what the problem is or ask on the Garmin sub-forum of this site. is also an excellent help site.
It is best to have just the one map active and if you have many maps they must have different FID numbers
Gmaptool, , may help to change the FID, Javawa lists the FID number but I couldn’t see if you can change it.

For use for walking in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. I’m thinking if I use Generic Routable new style from openstreetmap that I might be okay. This is the same type that I use in my Garmin car GPS when I travel to other countries.