Map for a company


I´m very new to OpenStreetMap, but I already added some missing streets in my region. For further use I do have questions:

I want to use a piece a map of OpenStreetMap for a website of a company, so that customers find the right way.
So I used the embed-function. Unfortunately after including it to my website the map is totally zoomed out - look here:

Größere Karte anzeigen

When I take the link, everything works fine - only embedding the map doesn´t work well - maybe you can help me!
It should look more or less like this one here:

I also put in the company with its buildings and information (adress, website and so on) on OpenStreetMap. How can I make such a marker, which shows me this information in the embedded map? Is this possible?

Thanks a lot!

Are those encoded ampersands really what this “embed-function” gave you? If yes, please report that as a bug to it’s developer (for here (with OSM-Account) or here (on GitHub)).
Just decode them (“&” becomes “&”) and it should work.


Here I took a screenshot directly from OpenStreetMap:

I have already opened a ticket -


Do you have an idea, how to get different maps on one site?
I´m working on a site where three maps should be shown in different tabs - - but only the first map is working.

In the link above in every tab has been placed the same code.

Maybe you have an idea?
Thanks a lot!