Map features in Overpass API

Hi, I’m new to Openstreetmap and the Overpass API, so I hope I’m posting this question on the right place.
I’ve been trying to get data on map features like national parks, natural reserves, protected areas, natural sanctuaries, etc. Is there a general map feature that encompasses all of those categories?

I have been testing on overpass turbo with queries like this.


Yes, this is the right place!

Not really, no. For example, for “things like national parks” in just UK/IE I currently use this. Nature reserves are probably simpler - the vast majority are leisure=nature_reserve. A search for “natural sanctuary” finds a few.

What I’d suggest is a bit of an iterative approach - think about the things that you would “definitely expect to find”, and see how they are mapped in OSM, and make sure your query includes that.