Map Error Thames Creek location near Bowser BC

We were hiking the trails in this area today, and the location of the creek is way off from where it really is. This was very confusing trying to follow our location using Organic maps or

I have a recorded kml file showing us walking up the right bank of the creek, crossing it, and back down on the opposite bank.

The creek needs to be between these two traces, south of Pickers Trail. The elevation contours confirm its proper location as well.

What is the best way to communicate this trace to somebody to review and update the map in this area?

You have the kml file. Upload it and make the changes according to your track. When submitting then check the box “please review”.

simple as that.


When submitting then check the box “please review”.

yes, but it is not guaranteed that someone will actually review it then, we are all volunteers and there are more reviews requested than people doing them. I would suggest to come back here after the edit, paste the link to the changeset, and see what people are telling you about it

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Thanks, scooter, I figured it out and did the creek relocation.

I am now trying to figure out how to relocate the abandoned creek name just north of the change.

For benefit of any reviwer, the Bing Maps shows a contour shading that confirms the correct location of this creek.

Every other map I can find also has it wrong

Every other map—including OSM, prior to you fixing it—probably references the exact same data: CanVec. Open data compiled by the federal government. It’s what a lot of online maps are based on, and it’s notoriously only accurate to a point.

If you want to continue to help fix the map while getting a good hike in: rock on! :metal: :smile: