Map does not show on MapSource

I have loaded the free version of openstreetmap on my computer. It works on BaseCamp, but not on MapSource.

The version I have loaded is
Free OSM Garmin maps <

  • _windows.exe = Installer for Garmin BaseCamp/MapSource (Windows).

On BaseCamp under Maps it shows
Global Map
OSM generic routable (new style)

On MapSource under Utilities it shows
OSM generic routable (new style)

However the map will not open with MapSource.

Any idea how I can activate it?

You haven’t provided enough information to troubleshoot. When you say it “will not open”, exactly what’s happening? Do you get an error message? Does it appear to open but then you can’t see anything? Does nothing happen when you click on the map’s name to select it? Something else?

When I open BaseCamp and select a walk the openstreetmap appears with the walk and waymarks shown.

When I open MapSource and select a walk the walk and waymarks are shown, but against a blank white background. There is no map at all.

If I select Utilities and then Manage Map Products I open a box which shows “OSM generic routable (new style), version 1.00, status not lockable, installed location C;\Garmin\Maps\OSM generic routable (new style). Alongside there are three options. Unlock Online, Copyright and Notice. I can only select copyright, the other two do not respond.

Does this information help at all?

Maybe you enabled the "Basemap only " view with Ctrl+G ? Try pressing that again.

could you explain what you mean by Ctrl+G please

Maybe you understand Strg+G better? It is the hot key to enable / disable the basemap only view. You can also reach that via menu.

Had the same problem. Goto View—Switch to Product and select the map you want.

You are in the wrong forum. This is the forum for OSM-as-a-big-database. Hardware-agnostic at this level.

There is a sub-forum for OSM in Garmin units. (BaseCamp and MapSource are Garmin software.)