Map Display Problem on Nuvi

I’m (for the first time) trying to get my Nuvi 350 to display a map of Germany. I downloaded a map of Europe from,
converted it to a single file with sendmap20 and put it on an SD card.

The GPS sees the data, but displays it only zoomed in to less than 50mi. Above that, it just shows orange rectangles showing the map locations. Is there a way to make it display correctly (as the default US map)?

Unrelatedly, is there a way to search for addresses in Europe? The GPS starts off asking for a state.

Thanks in advance,

When making the files for Garmin maps there are some rules as to on which zoom levels the features will be visible and likely they’ve built those maps from the limit you found “inwards”.

Address support for Garmin is a work in progress and all the Nüvi’s seem to require some additional information in the map files, information that other Garmin devices don’t need and which the developers haven’t yet deciphered. (I’m using a Nüvi, too, and the routing works when the map is generated with “POIs-for-roads” option that makes one POI out of every named street; a Nüvi finds those just like any other poi.)

Thank you for your response.

Could you recommend a map set for Europe that would also have large-scale maps (say, up to 200mi zoom)? If you know of a specific download that works, that would be great.