map data in multiple languages

I need to obtain map data that contains support for multiple languages for the map features, or to find multiple versions of a map layer in multiple languages. For example, I need country names in English, French, and Arabic.

Is this something that can be obtained via openstreetmap? If anyone has gone through this before, any help is appreciated.

Alternative language names are provided algorithmically by the client application (e.g. the map renderer) where possible, and where not possible (e.g. London, versus Londres) they can be coded by adding tags of the form name:LL=… where LL is the two letter ISO language code, e.g name:en=London name:fr=Londres.

The availability of alternative language names depends on whether such exist in signposts on the ground, or at least in common use, and whether anyone has bothered to enter them.

One is strongly discouraged from coding names that are simple transliterations, as these can be derived algorithmically.

Have a look at the OSM wiki about as a starting point.