Map and icons license


I am creating a map and I intend to use OSM as a base map. I don’t mind sharing the new map under the ODL since it’s just going to be a free giveaway (brochure) and I do want the map to be actually shared/ copied/ reprinted/ modified/ enter_whatever_you_want_here, but here’s the thing. For the new map, I have bought icons, which I can use for commercial purpose but cannot share as ODL.

How can I credit OSM in a way that it does not infringe the icon artists’ rights?

Thank you very much for your time!

A printed or digitally produced map does not need to be shared under ODbL. You can make your own map rendering and release that under any license, as long as you mention “(C) OpenStreetMap contributors”, see for more details.

It becomes more complicated in case you start adding or mixing your own data with OpenStreetMap data. This means if you start showing e.g. shops that are not in OpenStreetMap together with OSM shops.

A map rendering with your own colours, or icons (for OSM objects) is fine.