Manually create tracks in app

Hi. I´m new to this forum. But I would like to know if there is an app where you can manually create tracks on the iPhone or iPad?


Do you mean to edit the openstreetmap and add new roads, features, etc or do you mean to create a gpx track that you will use as a guide to follow when hiking or cycling, etc.
Here is list of track drawing websites I have found the “gpsies” site to be excellent in full screen view but there are plenty to choose from.
…and on that page under the “See also” > “software” near the bottom the iphone/ipad info
…and near the bottom of that list you will find apps with Track making features and OpenStreetMap editing features.

Thanks for the fast reply. The feature I’m looking for is to manually create a gpx track on my iPhone or iPdad, that I can import on my GPS. The websites you listed are great. But I would like to be able to do it offline. So that’s why I’m wondering if there is an app that features this option? And non of the apps listed on the wiki page had this as far as I could see.

You can do this with Osmand, but that’s an Android app…